Hi! My name is Stacey and I have created the Balancing Runner because it captures the essence of who I am and where I am at the moment :)

I am a runner ~ I can't imagine my life without running.  It has come in waves and sputters, complete with starts and stops, injuries and setbacks, as well as regression that has resulted in "sabbaticals" from any and all forms of intentional physical activity or endurance.  However, through it all, there has remained a consistent thread or passion that has always led me back to lacing up my shoes . . . the thrill of the challenge!   I have become as addicted to the challenge of pursuing a goal as I have to the endorphin rush that accompanies a great run.  My goals have varied and have ranged from getting in shape to chasing down a tangible distance or time.  I like to push past my comfort zone to see what I'm capable of ;)

Currently, I'm attempting to achieve a semblance of balance!   I am working to set aside my tendency to set lofty expectations associated with an all or nothing mentality and to embrace the simpler concept of progression.  I want to overcome my struggle with getting stuck in the planning/perfection/procrastination trap that seems to blur the lines between getting started, giving up, and self-sabotage.   I want to show my kids that with hard work and consistent effort, we can achieve our dreams!

With all of that being said, I'm here to share my journey . . . . . one step at a time :)

~Balancing Runner~